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According to existing legislation (Law 4483/65), it is mandatory to inspect and re-inspect internal electrical installations by licensed electricians who issue a relevant Statement submitted to PPC SA.

When is a Electrician Installer (SAD) Responsible Statement Required by PPC?

• For site supply electricity (site supply)
• After the completion of the construction of each electrical installation and before its commissioning, the requirements of the ELOT HD 384 Standard as well as the applicable legislation (New installation) have been met.
• After the completion of the relevant work and before the extension or modified part of the installation comes into operation (Modify installation)
• After the periods prescribed by law to verify that the provided degree of security of the installation has not been reduced due to damage or damage or generally to electrical damage for any reason and where appropriate, the detection of the required corrections (Re-inspection)


The new Installer Responsible Statement consists of:

• Statement of Licensed Electrical Installer - Electrical Installation Delivery Report.
• Electrical Installation Control Protocol according to ELOT HD 384.
• Electrical Installation Control Protocol according to CCCI (if old installation before March 2006 or if both standards coexist in one installation).
• Monogram drawing of the electrical panel of the installation.
• Top view with the electric lines of the installation and location of switches, fixtures, sockets, safety fixtures, motors, panels.


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